Week 3 assignment

CASE 1: The infrastructure behind social games.

1. In my point of view, social networking will be more and more wider because of the accession of many users through several networking sites that are generated day by day. There are many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Tumblr or Instagram and so all. Those allow the users log in by the accounts of other social networking sites, for example, Twitter and Instagram allow the users sign in with their gFacebook account. By that way, the social networking will spread out and become the dominated way for communication. It will be also become one of the dominated tools for businesses to communicate with their customers. On the other hand, social gaming might be more depended on the social networking. The usersg actually have their account for social networking sites, so the game developers have to allow users log in through some of those accounts of some dominated social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter rather than forcing them to create another. Thus game developers are forced to follow some requirements for those social networking sites. However, along the increase of social networking, social gaming could follow the same tendency.

2. It is obviously that Facebook will survive without Zynga. In fact, Zynga or other game developers need social networking sites in order to advertise to the gamers as well as sell their games where as Facebook just only use the game to provide their users the entertainment besides their other ultimate activities on Facebook. Actually, Facebook’s company also have the ability to produce its owned games but they did not do by themselves because they can earn an amount of money by deciding to cooperate with Zynga. Conversely, Facebook has a greater impact on Zynga. Zynga at least can survive without Facebook, but their revenues will be decline much more than Facebook. Majority of gamers sign in by their Facebook account to play games offered by Zynga, as the separation of those two, the gamers will be restricted to know the other games of Zynga.

3.A cloud infrastructure is simply an infrastructure connected to your business through the internet and accessible through devices such as computers or smartphones. Then. as you are accessing in this network from a data center, then that can be defined as a cloud infrastructure.
In this case, Zynga has been a high-profile user of cloud computing services, using tools from RightScale and NorthScale to run its gaming infrastructure on Amazon EC2. It’s not immediately clear how Zynga’s data center space will fit into its infrastructure or its growth plans.